Sushi – One of Life’s Pleasures :)

Friday is one of my favorite days, not because it’s the end of the work week, because my work week doesn’t end 🙂  But because it’s sushi night in our humble abode.  It really just makes me happy.

If you like sushi, and you live in Northern NJ, then you really should make a trip to “Osaka” sometime.  They have 3 locations, Wayne, Clifton and Lyndhurst. Decor is average. Nothing to write home about, but the sushi is fresh and fabulous, and they have some fun creations. Even Maalik (our 4-year-old son) has his usuals – salad with the best carrot ginger dressing ANYWHERE, and miso soup 🙂

Some of our favorites to order are:

  • Crab Salad – spicy with avacado. You won’t be disappointed 🙂
  • Fire Dragon Roll – Shrimp Tempura roll with Salmon on the outside (I ask for Tuna instead), topped with this awesome spicy sauce and scallions
  • Red Dragon R0ll – Shrimp Tempura roll with Tuna on the outside, topped with eel sauce and something resembling the carrot/ginger sauce. It sounds simple but it’s just so yummy!
  • JB Roll – Shrimp tempura and crab hand-roll with avocado and cucumber, and spicy sauce, in a soy wrap
  • Spicy Salmon Roll – Cooked salmon hand-roll (for those who are squeamish about raw salmon) in a seaweed or soy wrap.  It also comes raw of course, which is good as well, but this is a nice option for those who tend to shy away from raw fish 🙂
  • Firefighter roll – spicy tuna inside the roll, spicy tuna outside the roll – pure goodness 🙂

They have all the  other standard rolls, as well as a few other specialty rolls, but these are our favorites 🙂  Bon appetit or as the Japanese would say “Itadakimas!” 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sushi – One of Life’s Pleasures :)

  1. I hear about this place from MeSu (My bro and suhair) and I think my bro said you guys rave about it…or you guys all went together?? PPL! Take me with you next time! You seem to go pretty mild on the rawness judging by your favorites up there…I can handle those rolls and the fire dragon sounded amazing!

    make it happen.

    one love

  2. Ames I actually love raw but Ahmed is less into it, and when I got pregnant I started trying more cooked items, and they were really good! We should definately go one evening! Let me know what your evenings are like, and we’ll make a date.

    There is also a place in Rutherford by my sister called Nizu, I think. We went one Friday night with Noha and Karim and it took an hour and a half to get in! And it’s this hole in the wall (their sign was so ghetto. They crossed out the old name and then kept the rest of the old sign, and put their name over the old one haha), but their sushi is really great. Lots of awesome rolls and TONS of free appetizers. Another place worth going. Atmosphere is nothing exciting in both places, but the food more than makes up for it.

  3. hala you have no idea how many muslims go to nizi day in and out…

    we lived a block from it and all of our friends are addicted withit and practically go nowhere else…

    i was reading your post and thinking about trying it but i never ever enjoy sushi ANYWHERE but nizi since the past 5 years..before that i didnt even like sushi..

    we should go one day inshalah..nizi is so tiny to take kids, maybe lunch?

    • sameera I really enjoy Nizi (sorry I said nizu before, i couldn’t remember ‘i’ or ‘u’ at the end. It really is good, but the wait was just insane! We took jibs that night, and people were really nice and recommending rolls and playing with him.

      I look at Osaka more as comfort food. It’s great, consistently good, and although nothing flashy, I am always happy after a meal from there.

      Nizi is a bit flashier (food wise). The rolls are a bit more exotic, and they have super appetizers, seriously.

      The Crab Salad at Osaka is better though, hands down 🙂 and their carrot ginger dressing is better. I don’t know how they make it but it’s just so good! I think it’s because they have just the right amount of fresh ginger that there’s no bitter aftertaste. Ames we should try this place together one day too, but it has to be a week night or during the day because it’s so crowded weekend evenings.

      Sameera, I’m down to go one day, even if we have to lug the kids with us 🙂


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