Dexter vs. Twilight, sort of…

Meet my latest obsession.  Move over Edward and Jacob, you’ve got nothing on this guy.  He’s the whole package!   He’s a devoted brother, husband and father.  He’s trained in the advanced arts of jujitsu, and for those who like doctors, he even has a medical degree! (Perfect for the Arab and Desi parents out there!!)  And how can I forget!…. He’s of legal age 😛

During the day, he’s an accomplished blood spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police.  On the outside he’s average height and build, but physically fit.  On the inside, he’s smart – a meticulous planner.  He can also be deep and funny, but I must admit, at times can seem emotionally stunted (but so are a lot of men ;). Oh, and he’s a serial killer. *sigh* dreamy right 🙂 Really makes your heart melt 😛  But here’s the catch…he’s a serial killer with a conscience!  He only kills other killers. People who he KNOWS have killed and will keep killing, but have evaded justice.  He’s like Superman, without the tights, but a little darker and funnier.  Instead of superhuman strength and infra-red rays coming from his eyes, he uses a syringe, a few cool moves, and has a tool kit that would make any butcher jealous 😉 

Meet Dexter.  You can get further acquainted with him on Showtime or, if you’re like me and came to the party a little late, you can watch marathons on Netflix.  All it took was one episode, and I was addicted.  It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s dark and it’s touching at times.  It really covers the gamut of human emotion.

Just a warning, it’s a Showtime series, so language is strong and there is occasional nudity.  Oh and he IS a serial killer, so it can get gory at times.  But it isn’t too hard to fast forward through the scenes I can do without and still enjoy seeing the inner workings of a mass murderer 🙂 

Hmmm I guess when it’s all said and done, he MAY have more in common with Edward than I initially thought…they both like blood and now that I think about it, they are both a little on the pasty side  🙂 

Happy watching 🙂

P.S.  I’d like to dedicate this entry to my beloved friend Rehan, who is truly one of the funniest people I know.

3 thoughts on “Dexter vs. Twilight, sort of…

  1. Ha ha Loola! I can debate this with you all day until I’m blue in the face but unless you are truly willing to commit to the books, I may not win this battle. Read the books missy!!! You’ll be just as twighlight happy and Jacob obsessed as me 🙂


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