Maalik Moment

So at the last moment we decided to try to see some fireworks the other night, but Jibs has fallen asleep, so I decided it would just be me and Maalik.  So off we were.  First stop was Dunkin Donuts.  I figured I would make the evening fun and treat him to some of his favorites, namely an orange Coolata 🙂  While I was there I saw a local policeman and asked him if he knew the best spots to park.  Turned out most of the local towns had their fireworks the night before, and because of budget cuts, may not be doing it on the 4th of July, and the big spot for fireworks in Passaic Country for 4th of July this year was in Clifton. I didn’t want to venture far, so he told me a few local places to try, and off we went, icy drinks in hand 🙂

After driving around for half hour, I found first row seats to fireworks right over the river.  Perfect!! I was so excited because I personally love fireworks.  Sparkly, pretty lights – what’s not to like! So I find a place to park the car and proceed to tell Maalik to get out.  “Mama, I don’t want to get out of the car.”  What?? I just couldn’t understand! So after pleading for a few minutes, he finally does.  After exactly ONE minute, “Mama, don’t you miss baba and Jibreel…let’s go home.”

Fine…party pooper!

So he runs inside, and Ahmed is like “How was it Maalik!!!” and he’s like “BABA we went to DUNKIN DONUTS!!!”  Like it was the best thing ever (Mind you we go probably a couple of times a week).  So much for the pretty fireworks. 


Next year we’re getting a sitter…


2 thoughts on “Maalik Moment

  1. hala sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute mashalah!!!! he missed the hubby and lil bro…so sweet..i love him..may Allah protect him

  2. Ahhhh if only he were that sweet! haha I’m pretty sure it was used as a distraction. We go out once in a while just me and him and he LOVES it. Never asks for ahmed or jibreel. He just didn’t want to see the fireworks.

    In the past when we were potty training, he would say he had to go to the bathroom any time I started disiplining him or making him do something he didn’t want. We would go, he would just look at the toilet and be like, all done! And he could do it 20 times in one hour, but you never knew for sure if he was crying wolf or had to actually go! hehe at least we’ve moved beyond that now 🙂


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