Eyeliner – The Best of the Best

So I think I’ve probably tried them all, or close at least 🙂 So to spare everyone the agony of finding a good one, I’ll just tell you what I think is the best out there. You’re on your own after that 😉

Overall Best in almost every Category:  MAC. You can’t go wrong when it comes to various eye products at MAC.  Decent price, good staying power,  and I have sensitive eyes and have never had a problem.  My favorites are:

  •  The Kohl eyeliner.  It is the best Kohl eyeliner out there  (Creamy, soft, intense colors. can be smudged easily for a smokey effect. Only problem is the smudge after a while, but every kohl eyeliner does)
  • Technikohl  – It’s waterproof and long-lasting.  No sharpening required!

Gel Eyeliner:  Bobbi Brown.  Trust me, it’s the best. Even Better than MAC’s Fluidline

Waterproof/Long Lasting Eyeliner:  Stila! I know this is a big surprise to me too, but Kim Kardashian got something right 🙂  This stuff is fantastic!  It’s like the MAC’s technikohl, but BETTER.  The black is more intense and it’s SUPER creamy and soft. and has the convenience of self sharpening.  I picked it up on a whim and wasn’t disappointed, but it is slightly more expensive than MAC.  So if you want to save a few bucks, MAC is still a super choice for #2. 

Also, worth honorable mention, L’oreal’s Extra Intense Eyeliner. It’s really black, and long-lasting, though not waterproof.  Only thing I don’t like is it’s not self sharpening.  Another worth honorable mention is Lancome’s eyeliner, Le Stylo Waterproof (actually they are all good). It’s great, but for almost half the price, you can get MAC’s which is just as good.

Liquid Liner:  Lancome’s Artliner.  I love this stuff. It’s pricey, but the container lasts a good amount of time, easy to apply and is long-lasting.

Another economical option is getting good quality wet/dry eyeshadows, wetting them, and using that as eyeliner.  It’s pretty long lasting, saves you money since eyeshadows double as eyeliner and you have a wide assortment of colors, and eyeshadow tends to last forever.  Only downside is 

  •  lack of convenience
  • you would need to buy a good quality eyeliner brush
  • it takes practice to get good at it

Anyway, hope this helps.  Happy shopping!


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