Kids and ads – a not so sweet combo, say feds

Finally some attention being paid to predatory marketing strategies targeted towards young children.  Maybe this is a step in the right direction towards improving overall food quality.  Ultimately, the onus is on the parents to decide what their children eat and set acceptable limits, but hopefully this will make things a little easier.


2 thoughts on “Kids and ads – a not so sweet combo, say feds

  1. HALA!!!!!

    In my old life, we used to fight this ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that it’s finally getting some attention….

    now, if we can work on the marketing strategy of pediasure, I might say my life’s work is done 🙂

  2. I’m sure if you stick any character on it, and put it in a fun shaped bottle, pediasure can become more popular. The problem is it’s generally expensive to start with, so if you add more bells and whistles, it may just add to the cost of the item, which is already a deterrant for some.

    It’s tough because everything that is good (or good for you), is generally more expensive, so a lot of times it not even an option for a population that can’t afford it. You know those colored drinks, like Kool Aid (I don’t even think they are juice drinks), they are ridiculously cheap, whereas something that’s 100% fruit juice, can be 3 or 4 times the cost (and that’s not even including organic products). The system is twisted. But at least they are making small strides in the right direction, even if it’s at a turtle’s pace.


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