Things I Am Thankful For – My Husband (#3)

Day 3 of this exercise and so far, I’m rather enjoying spending a few minutes reflecting on each thing.  I think I should start by saying the things I am thankful for are written in no particular order.  Many of them are equally important.  It just so happens that I want to try to cover one thing per day if I can (insha Allah).

#3 – My Husband, Ahmed

Ahmed is quiet on the outside (as anyone who knows him will attest to 🙂 but underneath that quiet, rough exterior is perhaps one of the most honest and honorable people I know.  He’s incredibly loyal, very generous, and anyone would be lucky to have him as their constant (LOST reference for you fellow fanatics 😉 Plus he has great taste in TV shows (introducing me to some of my favorites 🙂

He’s not perfect (and neither am I 🙂 so it makes for a lovely partnership alhamdu lillah.  🙂  I’m sure we both do things that get on each other’s nerves, but ultimately, we work on what we can, we try to ignore the little things, and at the end of the day, it’s nice to have someone dependable and good-hearted to face life with.  I’m blessed and thankful for all the good we’ve encountered together, but it takes a certain kind of person to get you through the rough spots, and I am very thankful to have Ahmed in those moments. 

I have much love and respect for him, and for what it means (and takes) to be a good husband (and conversely a good wife), because in many ways it can make or break a marriage.

Walhamdu lillah Rab Al3alameen.

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