Eat. Pray. Love.

So I started out really liking this book.  Eat. Pray. Love. is a book written by Elizabeth Gilbert about her travels through Italy, India, and Indonesia, as she tries to heal and “find” herself spiritually.

The book starts off with Italy, which I loved.  I could totally relate to her emotions and how she chose to deal with them, I could totally relate to her love of Italy.  I haven’t had the pleasure of traveling there yet, but I really think if I ever believed in former lives, I would have been Italian (or Asian) in that life.  First of all, I love food, and Italians have elegant, enticing comfort food down to a science 🙂  Secondly, Italians have a love and appreciation for all things aesthetically pleasing (as do Asians but just in a different way), and I LOVE that.  They find beauty and strive for perfection in their architecture, their jewelry, their art, their food, their music, their clothes, etc, and there is a certain contentment, satisfaction and pleasure derived from that.   I could see why she loved where she was, and the effects that such beauty and enjoyment had on her soul. I could put myself where she was and really see myself being completely content.

So far so good :).  Then it gets weird. 🙂  The time she spends in India and Indonesia, it’s a little New Agey for me.  Not to mention, it just sounds like she is trying too hard to be deep and spiritual and cool (the enlightened, privileged, white-girl “finding” herself in an Indian ashram).  Italy seemed sincere, the rest – less so.  Sort of had to push myself through the rest of the book.  It was just a little too much.  I appreciate her effort and desire to gain some spiritual insight, and I like that she exposes the fumbling and effort it takes to get there, because it is a journey, and certainly not an easy one.  But the sections after Italy were just not as good, and came off a little preachy (I’m not even sure if that’s the best way to describe it), annoying, and a little too New Age for my liking.  She just got less likable and relatable as the book progressed.

Anyway, Italy is worth reading :), but save your money and just borrow mine.  I hear they are coming out with a movie about it…maybe it’ll be better 🙂


5 thoughts on “Eat. Pray. Love.

  1. Subhan’Allah, that’s exactly how I felt reading the book…I really enjoyed the Italy portion, and then increasingly lost interest. In fact, at one point I asked myself whether that means I’m a glutton who is spiritually and emotionally void…but I concluded, she really takes each experience to the extreme…not really the balanced Islamic approach I should adopt.

    Anywho, love your posts Hala, please keep writing 🙂

  2. Thanks Rehab!! I totally know what you mean. At some point, I started thinking, maybe because I have a religion I am satisfied and content with, and know I can get what I need out of it (insha Allah, if I work at it), that I’m just biased to her experience in India and Indonesia. But I would like to think myself open minded and have had (practicing) hindu and buddist friends over the years, and in the end, I just felt like, this is the latest trendy thing to do, and it just seemed a bit contrived, (or maybe forced is a better word.) Trying to prove she’s been “enlightened”, and I think part of it was that her trip was paid for, contingent on her writing a book about it, so she HAD to be SOMETHING by the end of her travels. Wouldn’t have made for a very good book if she didn’t get anything out of the trip 🙂 Hope to see you soon hun and hope you are feeling well iA.

  3. Definitely agree with you and Rehab! And that’s exactly it! It seemed contrived!! I basically wanted to stop reading it, lol. But I have to say, I recently saw a preview for the movie, and it actually looks really good! Maybe Julia Roberts will take the role and run with it.


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