Things I Am Thankful For – My Friends (#5)

Friends are truly a blessing and a mercy that God has given us. I’m not really sure how we’d get through each day without them. They are one of the sheer pleasures in life…and the beauty of it is, unlike family, you’re not stuck with whomever you get :).  You get to choose who is part of this “family”.  Some friends stay constant throughout your life, and unfortunately some don’t stand the test of time.  As circumstances change, friendships evolve.  With some, you get closer, with others, you drift apart.  Friendships  are one of the few areas in life that should be easy and effortless because so many other aspects of life are hard and burdensome. 

Now, my friends are awesome!  All of them.  They each appeal and complement different aspects of my personality.   Having that connection, however small, makes me feel like a more complete person, and I’m SO thankful for that.  Nothing is as satisfying as having that bond with someone.  Sometimes it’s something as important as life views, other times it’s over more superficial interests.  Sometimes this person just makes you laugh, and other times it’s someone who makes you look at yourself and reflect.   Whatever it is, you just walk away with a smile on your face and a contentment in your heart.

Friends have the power to make you a better person, and they can also bring you in the other direction.  It’s hard finding the right fit sometimes, but you are the company you keep, so its worth it to keep searching till you find the “ones”.  I’ve had the privilege of having a few close friends over the years, and these are my most sacred friendships!  I’ve also had the heartache of losing a few close friends, as well.  People evolve, and drift apart for whatever reasons.  Sometimes it’s a betrayal, sometimes it’s distance and circumstance.  It’s tough, the friendships that are worth the most are the ones that would be most devastating to lose.  But there’s nothing like that relationship, so it’s worth the effort to try.  It’s just safe and comforting and not judgemental, and it leaves such an imprint on you as a person.  They see you at your best and help you through your worst.

I’m blessed and lucky enough to have a few people who truly understand me, but who I also admire and truly just love from the depths of my soul.  They just radiate something that I know is something worth holding on to.

So to all my friends, thank you for your patience, and your kindness, your understanding, your support, your humor, and all the other things I’m sure I take for granted. Love you!


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