Who Knew The Dorky Kid From Titanic Would Grow Up To Be So Cool

Seriously, everything Leonardo Di Caprio’s been coming out with looks amazing!!  Honestly, I never really liked him in his younger days.  I thought he was overhyped, and really, not that cute (Sorry ladies but he just wasn’t).  People would make a big deal about him, and I was pretty sure he’d fizzle out in his older years.

I admit it, I was wrong – so wrong!  🙂 He’s a great actor, with some sense to take on really great roles.  Inception looks amazing, Shutter Island looks – fantastic!!!  I haven’t seen either yet (hard to get out with the kiddos sometimes) but I haven’t heard a negative thing yet.  Blood Diamond, Catch Me If You Can, The Departed, The Aviator (Just to name a few) ALL good, and those are just the ones I’ve seen and remember (damn memory!!).

So, props to Leonardo Di Caprio 🙂 Can’t wait to see your latest movies 🙂

TOTALLY random side note, my mom has an autographed photo of Leonardo Di Caprio :).  She works as the Deputy Commissioner for the NYC Department of Buildings, and on occasion gets some requests for help from famous people trying to get a permit, expedite a process, or do something or other to their residences.  Anyway at the time Leonardo Di Caprio was with Giselle, and my mom had helped her out with something, so she sent my mom a gift basket and — an autographed picture with Leonardo Di Caprio!  Maybe Giselle missed the part where my mom is a middle-aged Muslim woman and not a hormone crazed teeny bopper 🙂

So anyway, my mom comes home and she’s like, “Who is this kid again?  What am I supposed to do with this??”  hahaha. 

My siblings and I (don’t remember exactly if we were all present) say, “Mom…he’s the guy from Titanic!” 

Mom:  “Oh yeah!!! OK.”, and then sticks it in a drawer. haha!

Just sort of funny, and random, but I guess most people would be super excited about that.  But, she loved the gift basket. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Who Knew The Dorky Kid From Titanic Would Grow Up To Be So Cool

  1. he is certainly not geeky!! And he is a great actor, I knew when he was young and on growing pains, I cried watching him sometimes..


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