Tiffany and Co.’s New Marrakesh Collection

So normally I’m not the biggest fan of Tiffany. Yes the styles are simple and classic, but for the amount of gold/silver and the amount of work, it’s definitely way overpriced.  I get that you pay for the name, but for me jewelry from makers like Lois Hill and David Yurman just seem more appealing if you want to go the designer jewelry route.

BUT, I must say, the latest (and in my eyes one of the greatest) line they have had recently is the Marrakesh collection.  It’s just beautiful, and there is so much detail and work in each piece, that while still overpriced, at least you feel like you are getting your money’s worth. 

Check out the line on their website.

Here’s a small sampling.





2 thoughts on “Tiffany and Co.’s New Marrakesh Collection

  1. love it! i’ve never bought jewelry or know anything about it so you tell me, are the prices ok? is it worth it? im not talking about the 12,000 pieces or anything lol

  2. honestly, it’s still overpriced. BUT, it’s very hard to find similar pieces. I think if you’re going to go for it, go for the silver. It’s more reasonable and very very pretty 🙂


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