Happy Birthday Jiberoo!!!

So today is Jibreel’s Birthday (Jiberoo, courtesy of Maalik 🙂  My baby boy is 1!  I feel like it just happened, subhan Allah.  I remember everything that happened that day. Woke up, dropped off Maalik at my parents, went to the hospital, turns out they moved up my delivery time (I was having a c-section), and I hadn’t checked my messages, so I didn’t know.  So I had to wait for about 7 or so hours till they can fit me back in, etc.  Had the c-section, which I was so nervous about, but was pretty uneventful in and of itself.  Got nauseous from the anesthesia and proceeded to puke with newly acquired abdominal stitches (which has got to be the most painful thing ever!).  Anyway started off a little rough but I have to say, Alhamdu lillah everything else was smooth sailing for the most part. 

Having kids is rough.  Not gonna lie, not a fan of the first few months.  It’s hard – really hard sometimes, but ultimately worth it.  I LOVE my jibs.  So blessed to have him smile with his scrunched up nose and his uneven new teeth (it’s REALLY funny looking).

So ya Rab, thank you for this wonderful gift, and may we have many, many years together insha Allah. Oh, and while we’re at it, may we also have many more nights full of sleep and peace insha Allah – we could use a few more of those. 🙂


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