Study: Male Modesty A Turnoff for Women (And Men)

So I guess this really no surprise.  In the Darwinian sense, the biggest, loudest, and brightest male tends to be the leader of the pack, so to speak.  Sometimes I think it’s interesting that they do studies on things that most people accept as common knowledge, but I guess it’s a way of taking something from mere myth and giving it the status of ‘fact’.

What I did think was interesting was that “modest” demure men were still preferable in the workplace, and supposedly faced less discrimination, to aggressive women (if they had to choose….better of the 2 evils??).

I do have to say though, maybe aggressive/arrogant males are seen as more capable or competent, but TOO much arrogance (particularly if it’s not warranted), is just as much a turnoff as someone who is too meek.  Sort of reminds me of the short, 40-year-old, overweight, arrogant, balding fob, who feigns authority about things he knows nothing of, wanting, no expecting! demanding! to marry a 23-year-old supermodel with the domestic skills of Martha Stewart. 🙂 A little humility in such cases would be probably do him more good 🙂

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