McDonald’s Hamburgers Don’t Age

Not gonna lie…I’m REALLY disturbed. I used to love those things as a kid!!  Double cheeseburgers…mmmmm 🙂  Not sure how, but they tasted good!! (must be all that MSG 🙂 )

Here we have 2 separate blogs – separate experiments per say, regarding how McDonald’s burgers fare (is that the right fare/fair???) over a period of time.  You know this stuff isn’t good for you, but really, I never thought it wasn’t capable of decomposition 🙂  Real food goes bad at some point…

Not sure if it will gross out your kids, but it might make an adult or 2 rethink their weekly (daily?) run to their favorite fast food joint.  Or at least cut down a bit.  🙂  I myself shamefully admit, as much as I hate what I see…I still kinda want one 🙂  (Damn propoganda!  Brainwashing at its finest!)

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