Muslim Group Releases PSA, Promises Not to “Take Over This Country”

Little annoyed about this.  Not that the group put it together.  I think desperate times call for desperate measures, and perhaps, if it quells the fear in just one person, then it was worthwhile.  But REALLY….does it need to go this far that an official public service announcement has to go out about it?!?!?!   When I’m out getting my groceries, or fighting with my son to try on the new pair of shoes I want to get him, in the back of your mind, do you REALLY think, “hey, she’s out to convert me and take over my country”? 

It’s so funny because, Subhan Allah, I actually wish I had MORE free time during the day to focus and concentrate on becoming a better Muslim because it would make me a BETTER more USEFUL human being to society.  Not to proselytize…but to volunteer, to control my anger and emotions, to greet people with a friendly smile, to open one more door, to donate more money to worthy causes, etc.   I’m just sad people think I’m a WORSE person because of my religion rather than a better person for it.  And I’m so sad and SO angry that there are people out there that make it SO hard for the rest of us.  It really pains me and makes me angry and helpless because, I don’t believe in what they believe in!!  I don’t believe in hurting people, or even being rude to people!  I don’t believe in compulsion in religion, because there are things I myself struggle with, and religion is all about sincerity, it’s not something you can force on anyone.   And more so, I think, if you take religion away from those terrorists, they will STILL have a cause because it has more to do with poverty and power and economics and politics than it ever had to do with religion.  Religion is just the guise but the heart of the problem would be the same regardless of how they label the outer facade.

I’m sad that I’m lumped in the same boat as these people, and that I’m bearing the brunt of it because of them.  I have to worry about people harassing me when my children are with me.  How vulnerable does that make me? And how much”better” of a person does that make you for harassing a mother with small children.  Fine, you don’t like the label Muslim, I’m a monotheist.  Better?

I’m just so sick and tired and frustrated with all this.  I’ve NEVER tried to proselytize – ever.  I’ve ONLY answered questions about Islam people have asked of me.  I’ve always gone out of my way to be extra nice so people don’t think I’m this meek, oppressed foreigner who probably doesn’t even speak English.

Anyway I don’t really have that much more to say on the topic.  Just sick of it all… I understand the fear on some level but it’s getting out of hand and it’s just turning it to blatant racism.  But if this keeps up, this can be the start of something awful.  Years and years before concentration camps or even genocides, it starts with planting the seed of fear in the heart of people, so much so that they lose sight of their objectivity, their humanity, and their mercy, and start supporting crazy actions in the name of “protecting themselves”, only to cause the same (or more) harm and injustice than what they were “protecting” themselves from.


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