He Did What?!?!?!

He stuck a ball up his nose!  I thought it was a bead, but it was one of those fuzzy little balls you use in crafts.  What possessed my 4-year-old to do this, I don’t know.  I was putting Jibs down for a nap, and very non chalantely as I walk by, he’s like “Mama, I have a ball in my nose, can you get it out?”  Very causal.  So I sigh a heavy sigh because, alhamdu lillah, at least I know it’s not serious but, he has a ball in his nose, and I have 2 friends traveling from about an hour away coming to visit, and they are on their way.  So I try to get him to blow it out.  I hold the “good” nostril, and tell him to blow!  Of course he breathes in first which doesn’t help.  Eventually he’s like mama, I want to play on the computer, and fights me to not blow his nose.  COMPUTER?!?!  Does the foreign object stuck in your left nostril not mean ANYTHING to you??? Apparently not 🙂

So I call the Pediatrician, who told me to call an ENT, and went out, waking my other little guy who will now be cranky for the rest of the day thanks to interrupting his nap.

Thanks Maalik…

So we get there, and he’s hanging out, talking to the receptionist, until the Dr. call us in.  And the drama begins.  Before the Dr. even looks in his ear he is yelling “OUCH” at the top of his lungs.  So I hold him down, and the doc takes his big plyer/tweezer contraption, sticks it up his nose, and 2 seconds later, its out.

Maalik, in his over enthusiastic Maalik way, “WOW, THANKS doctor, I feel so much better!!! That was a great checkup!”  And proceeded to repeat it about 10 times.

SO, moral of the story – boys don’t know what to do with crafts, and will very likely use them in a way you NEVER intended. 🙂 So it was actually my fault for buying the set 🙂

But I can’t be too upset, when I was 2 or 3, I stuck a rolled up piece of paper up my nose and managed to get it stuck. 

Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 😛


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