Like Stealing Candy From A Baby…

Actually it’s not candy, it’s fruit snacks (found some with pectin, YAY) and it’s not stealing…it’s more like hiding…

Does that make me bad? 🙂

I mean I share with my kids ONCE in a while, but I’m such a kid when it comes to that stuff…I try to tell myself that they REALLY don’t like it that much.  They’d rather have cookies or cupcakes.  I’m not neglectful.  I bake damn it!!  Good stuff too!  I just want my fruit snacks 🙂  Once in a while, I feel a little guilty though as I sneak a little fruit strip…

So I guess that’s my confession…A few “Hail Mary’s” and I’m good, right?



4 thoughts on “Like Stealing Candy From A Baby…

  1. hahaha I went through a chocolate phase! 🙂 But I’ve always had a weak spot for fruit snacks and fruit roll ups and assorted treats :). We missed you apple/raspberry picking this past sunday but I understand it’s some sanity time for you 🙂 BUT would love to see you soon!

  2. Omg, Hal, I thought I was the only weirdo! I’m obsessed with fruit snacks! We always have a box because my niece loves them too, and I always find myself stealing her pouches =( Sigh!


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