Sept. 27th Issue of TIME

So I was reading the Sept. 27th issue of TIME (yes I’m a few weeks behind! :P) and while I was reading the “Inbox”, their version of letters to the editor, I realized there were TONS of emails regarding a Controversial Cover they had a few weeks prior entitled “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace”.  The WHOLE sections were letters regarding this issue, all from Israeli/Zionist supporters (including one from Israel’s Ambassador to the US), and not ONE…not one from the other side or perspective, lauding TIME for their article.

Whatever my philosophical differences are from Zionist supporters, you have to admit, they have their sh*t together.  They are quick, organized and articulate, and it’s really no wonder there is only one side of the story consistently presented (and supported) in the media.

Maybe we’ll learn a thing or 2 from them one day….


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