Grill House

I know there’s a million different Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurants in Paterson, but this one is ACTUALLY pretty good.  It’s a bit nicer/more modern than most of the others and the manager (might even be the owner) is super nice.  

The menu has a lot of the typical grilled platters, but they have a lot of other “bistro” style options, including gourmet type pizzas, a number of seafood options, and some great sandwiches.  The rib eye sliced steak sandwich is very good – certainly a lot better than another other halal place I’ve tried one at and they ACTUALLY ask you how you like your meat cooked. 🙂 It’s nice to not have to beg someone at an arab place not to over-cook your meat.   The burger was not bad.  I’ve had better, but for a halal place, it’s decent, and their home fries are yummy.

Anyway I hope they keep it up.  Some places have a habit of taking a nose dive in quality after they’ve been in business for a first few months (Remember King Yen – the halal chinese place?  Yeah, they are out of business now.  They went from fantastic to awful really fast).

Anyway, it’s located at 1068 (if I remember correctly) Main St, in Paterson.  Give it a shot.

Happy Dining  🙂


2 thoughts on “Grill House

  1. ooh! I went there! my sis in law was in town & she was determined to go to paterson…apparently her husband is always talking about stopping for falafel in paterson & she insisted. We got there & she was all…why can’t we go somewhere ‘nice?’ Its either Paterson or nice, lol…not both:) I had the steak sandwich & its not bad…

  2. Compared to the other places in paterson it’s nicer haha. There is a new toros by my parents that is very cute. It’s by Samah’s parents actually! For nice middle eastern spots, you really have to go into the city, but for something local, this is a nice alternative. I commented on the steak sandwich because every other halal place gives you something that resembles “steakum” or something. I’m like this isn’t real meat! And the guy asked me how I wanted my meat cooked, which made me happy 🙂 I don’t get why most middle eastern place feels the need to overcook your meat.


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