Good Hair

I’m sure most of you have seen it by now but Sesame Street has a new video entitled “I Love My Hair”.  If you haven’t, here it is.

It’s cute.  Not super catchy but the message is nice.

Growing up Egyptian, there’s always a rather overt (Egyptians don’t do subtle) preference for whiter, lighter, brighter, straighter.   It’s kind of sad actually – raising a generation of insecure young women obsessing over things that, many times they can’t even change.  I know many cultures that have had the misfortune of suffering through colonization (and in the case of African-Americans – slavery), valued and admired traits the colonizers possessed, and because of a deep seeded inferiority complex, keep holding on to those traits, decades after independence has been established.

Interestingly enough is having this insecurity exploited for market gain.  I guess in a subtle way, that’s what a lot of marketing does.   Makes you feel a deficiency or inadequacy of some sort, so that you NEED their product. 

I didn’t know that hair is a $9 Billion industry in the African-American community.  I knew it was big, but $9 billion is…insane!  So Sesame Street is up against a serious juggernaut.  The hair industry is no joke! It pays to have people feel bad about themselves.  Self esteem is bad for business.

Chris Rock just did a documentary on it recently.  The trailer is entertaining, as is much of what Chris Rock does.  But, the underlying message is troubling.

Screaming child…gotta go 🙂  But I thought I’d share my two cents.


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