The Serious Need For Play: Scientific America

This is an article from last year, but there have been many like it over the course of the past few months.   The interesting thing is, that despite all the studies and evidence lauding unstructured, free play for children, there’s an increasing movement to over-schedule and structure our children’s activities.  Schools have decreased the time for recess, and opportunities for outdoor, free play have generally been reduced.  Children are being pushed to do more, earlier (earlier is not always better) to prepare them for standardized testing – rather than learning at the optimal pace for each child.  It’s so hard because even if you don’t necessarily agree with the system, you find yourself forced to conform so that your child doesn’t miss out.

I actually have a lot to say regarding schools and education, but it might require a few entries. 🙂  Anyway, for now, at the very least, we can let our kids run outside 🙂


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