Dreaming of Quiet…

So I think  Maalik has a disease…it’s called “Can’t stop talking-itis!”  I spent a good part of last night up with Jibreel, and I myself have a cold, so I was pretty much a vegetable this morning.  Ahmed rolls out of bed early to get ready for football, and Maalik climbs into bed to keep me company.  I’m thinking, “Please God, let us have a few minutes of silence.”  And so it begins..

“Mama…Mama…Mama….Mama…Mama… (Think Stewie in Family Guy)”

“Yes Maalik.”

“Are you tired?”

“Maalik can we have some quiet time?”

“But Mama, I need to talk!”

“Mama, do you have any toys for me?”

“No habeebi, go play with the toys in your room…”

“No, I want toys here.”

“Maalik, why don’t you go to the bathroom.”

“OK, I’ll be RIGHT back.” (Great)

“Mama, what time is it? Is it 7:20? What comes next? 7:21.  Mama, it’s 7:21, what comes next, 7:22?….(20 minutes later) Mama what comes next 7:40?  7:55? (I got up by then, I just couldn’t take it 🙂

“Mama you’re awake! Let’s have some breakfast?” By then Jibreel is up.

“Mama, did you say good morning to Jibreel? Did you ask him if he had a good sleep?”

*Sigh* and so my day begins 🙂


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