Children’s Books About Special Needs

 So a friend of mine mentioned that her toddler keeps pointing out people’s disabilities…LOUDLY 🙂 and wanted some ideas on how to stop it.

So we thought of some ways to address it and I suggested children’s books or cartoons that address the topic.  I know they also have sports leagues, and camps and various other programs (some inclusion with special needs as well as regularly developing children) where she could sit as an observer and mingle as she got more comfortable.  I think the biggest issue for children is exposure, or lack thereof.  Once they gain some familiarity and overcome any fear of the differences they see between them and the child/adult with the disability, they accept things much more quickly and easily than many adults.

Anyway, here is a reading list of Children’s Books about Special Needs.  It’s a good way to introduce your children to the differences of others, and iA helping them embrace it with kindness and empathy.

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