Islam And the Cultural Imperative

This is an EXCELLENT article by Dr. Umar Farooq.  He discusses how historically, Islam has always been culture-friendly, and how muslims around the globe maintained their own cultural identity even after embracing Islam.  One of the most beautiful lines in the essay states, “It’s waters (Islam) are pure, sweet, and life-giving – but having no color of their own – reflect the bedrock (indigenous culture) over which they flow.”

He goes over so much from, the culturally predatory rhetoric of many contemporary Islamists, the dislocation and dysfunction of the contemporary Islamic world,  the sunnah of respecting other cultures, as well as discussing community, identity and social cohesion as fundamental parts of culture and how important these things are in creating a sound Muslim American Culture. (Just to name a few of the things he touches on) :).  It’s about 14 pages, so it’s not a quick read, but definitely worthwhile when you have the time.


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