The BAN of the Happy Meal

“The premise is pretty simple – we can’t give toys away to kids with their meals, unless the meals are healthy – at least not in San Francisco. Healthy meaning that the meals are less than 600 calories, have less than 640 milligrams of sodium, and have less than 35% of calories from fat with less than 10% from saturated fat (with exceptions for nuts, seeds, eggs or low-fat cheese) and the there be at least a half cup of fruit or three-quarters of a cup of vegetables.

I think this is a great initiative.  I’d like to start by saying that,while I DO thing the onus is on parents to determine what their children eat (whether they want to reduce fast food consumption, or eliminate it all together – both of which are completely doable), I think the predatory marketing of companies like McDonald’s make the job that much harder. 

Given that childhood obesity makes children more susceptible to lifelong health problems …it’s become a public health issue and more policy needs to be put in place to stop targeting children.


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