Exploring the Anti-Social Side of Social Media


I’ve thought about this often.  In our ability to have constant access to others, and others to us, there is this unhealthy dependence on technology for much of our social interaction, that it often prevents us from interacting with the people who are actually, physically around us!  I have this “sickness” too, but I find there is nothing more annoying than thinking you have someone’s attention, and realizing that whoever is on their phone or computer gets top priority.  I remember the days when people called, and they either left a message or called back at another time if you weren’t available.  You could also contact others when it was convenient for you!  Gone are the days where dinner time is sacred.  If someone called during dinner, you told them to call back at another time.  If you were in the middle of working or studying or relaxing, it was ok not to pick up your phone, and it was ok to get back to someone the next day.  Now everything is “urgent” and requires immediate attention.   It’s even changed the dynamic of the workplace, where sick days were just that, or vacation days were just that.  Now people are connected even on their down time.

Anyway, it’s just interesting how “social-media” has produced some pretty anti social behaviors.  Happy reading 🙂


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