New Questions Raised On Chemicals In Soaps, Plastics

I know it’s easy to go crazy with this stuff.  Every day it’s something new to be weary of.  But I think iA we try our best to do what we can and leave the rest to Allah (swt).  If we’re meant to go through something, then it was written for us.  We can’t completely protect ourselves or our children from any hardships, as much as we would like to. 🙂  But I do think it’s interesting, because in the past, even with growing evidence against BPA, the FDA hadn’t ban them, like equivalent bodies in Canada and the European Union.  The industry was actually rather “disturbed” that the European Union was going to take that step and fought it.  I’m sure from a production standpoint, it’s probably cheaper to produce higher quality plastics with BPA, than not.  Baby companies wisely started taking BPA out of the products seeing the direction things were going in and saw a market for the overprotective mother in all of us 🙂  So interesting what motivates change…because it usually has little to do with what is morally right.
I think iA we can try to go the more natural route when possible/feasible, and again, have faith in Allah (swt).  Sometimes it can get overwhelming and disheartening when you hear the studies that come out every other day.  You think, “My goodness – is nothing is safe?!”  But every generation had its own safety issues.  We’re just so much more privy to it because of the internet and easy access to information 🙂


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