Project Reverb 2010: Day 2 – Writing

Here is the prompt for day 2 of the #reverb10 project. 

What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing?  Can you eliminate it? (from: Leo Babauta)

There are many many time wasters in each and every one of my days.  Some I’d like to cut down on (Facebook maybe?? :), and some that I quite honestly need.  Some mindless, lighthearted, fun…time wasters 🙂  They are the moments in the day where I don’t have to worry about something.  “Ideal me” would love to eliminate all time wasters from my life, but really – I treasure some of them 🙂  and I don’t feel they make me write less.  When I need to write – I write.  I MAKE time for it.  I used to write quite a bit for work, which is mandatory writing I suppose, but I enjoyed it.  I journal on occasion – sometimes daily, sometimes not for a couple of months and I blog, which has busier days then others.

When I write for myself – in a non-professional context (be it journaling or blogging), I write when I want to share something – be it funny, or sad or thought-provoking. I write when I want to figure out what I think or feel about a topic.  It helps me organize myself, and see the holes in my thought process so I can figure things out from there.  I write when I need to sort out my feelings because sometimes they are so intense that I NEED to get it out so it doesn’t replay on an infinite loop in my head :).  I write to bring clarity to something that seems muddled and jumbled in my mind’s eye – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So – when I need to write, I make time for it.  There are days where I can spend a good portion of my day writing and thinking, and there are times where I can go a few days without feeling the “urge” :).


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