Project Reverb 2010: Day 4 – Wonder

Question:  How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?
(Author: Jeffrey Davis)

I didn’t consciously “cultivate” anything really, but these are the things that moved me and brought on a sense of wonder…

Nature – Because I am forever in awe.  Because it brings me peace and comfort.  Because beauty, in all its forms, moves the heart.  Because through nature I feel God.  Because it makes me realize life is much larger and much grander than me.

My Children – Because I learn more about life, and about myself from them than from anyone or anything else out there.  Because its harder than I ever imagined.  Because, despite the chaos (and there is much 🙂 I have a love so unconditional and intense, and so utterly different than any other love I have for anyone, that it blows me away when I think about it.  Because I spend days and nights worrying about them.  Because I’m amazed at how much they know, how quickly they learn, and – how much they don’t know.  Because I would give anything to protect them from harm or hardship, and I know that despite all my efforts, there is the heavy and heartbreaking realization that I can’t.

The Struggles of Others – An odd choice, but anything that moves the heart – good or bad – is worth “wonder”.

Because it amazes me what the human spirit can handle.  Because it makes me count my blessings.  Because it makes me wonder “why” and “how”?  Because it is so incredibly humbling.  Because it makes me shed tears.  Because it makes me want to be better.


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