Deepening Wisdom

I just had to give a shout out to my friend Eloiza and her great blog: 

Deepening Wisdom:

I love it because she challenges others (in this case, the other is me) to self reflect, to face my emotions, to embrace my myself, to work on becoming a better me.  I struggle with that so much these days.  I get tired, overwhelmed, angry, and don’t take the time to sort through my feelings – to nurture my relationship with myself (if that makes sense :)).   I’m a much better, happier person when I do, but I find a million and one excuses not to take the time out to actually do it.  It’s work, and it requires some time – something which is precious and hard to find these days, but I think it’s something we all should make a little time for.

Much thanks my dear :).


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