The opposite of a ‘Tiger Mother’: leaving your children behind.

Not really sure how to absorb this.  Part of me understands that the “selflessness” of motherhood can get exhausting and sometimes, your sole desire is to just reconnect with yourself and find a path that is solely yours.  But as a mother, I cannot in a million years imagine a situation where I could ever give up custody of my children, or move thousands of miles away from them.  I know if the roles were reversed, and it was a father doing the same thing, my thoughts may not be as harsh, although I think a father’s presence and role in his children’s lives is essential, even in the midst of divorce – and he should do everything in his power to be an active participant.  But again, perhaps that is just my more traditional outlook on things.  I have no doubt that a father can be incredibly nurturing and loving to his children – that’s not the issue.  I just can’t imagine a woman, ANY woman, willingly distancing herself from her children like that.  No matter how much I might want something else, I think it would just kill me if I ever tried to make it a reality.


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