“Muslims Recycle” Group on Facebook

Salam all.  I just started an online group – “Muslims Recycle” on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_202901913060815

Email:  MuslimsRecycle@groups.facebook.com

Please Join!!

Here’s the Description:

“In the spirit of reducing waste, eliminating clutter and helping those who may be in need, this group provides Muslims (and anyone of any faith interested in a good cause) an opportunity to recycle or donate items they may have so that others may benefit from it. Anything you want to give away that can be of use to someone else – clothes, furniture, electronics, computers, hangers, toys, boxes (for moving), etc. Be creative! Your garbage is another person’s treasure! Likewise, if you know of a family in need who may benefit but may not have access to Facebook or to the necessary means to transport these items, please feel free to claim any items on their behalf and make the necessary arrangements to have the items taken to them.

Simply state your location (city & state), an accurate description of the item (including the condition – if it is new, used, broken/fixable, or broken – to be used for parts), and how you wish to be contacted to arrange pickup (via Facebook or provide an email address.).

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! The more people involved, the more successful this will be!!! May God Bless all your efforts and may we move one step closer to reducing waste and benefiting others.”


PLEASE NOTE:  There is also a googlegroup: Muslims Recycle

Here are the essentials:


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