Save the date! WAFA House Gala Fundraiser: June 11th

Annual Fundraising Dinner:  June 11th, 2011 6PM to 10PM

Please save the date!!

If you can donate any services for the event or items for the silent auction, please email me directly at

  All vendors involved will receive free exposure throughout the evening and advertising in the WAFA House program, and an opportunity to pass along their information to the 300+ attendees of this wonderful event.


Wafa House is a support center dedicated to educating and assisting victims of domestic violence and other social issues.

They offer a variety of services **(see list below)  for families, free of charge and completely confidential.

**WAFA House provides the following services, irrespective and indiscriminately of creed, culture or ethnicity:

  • Assistance in Seeking:
    • Financial aid for Education
    • Housing – Rental Assistance or Shelter
    • Legal representation either pro bono or at a reduced rate
    • Medical coverage, for those who do not have Health Insurance
    • Employment
    • Welfare Benefits
    • Emergency Financial Aid
    • Emergency food supplies, clothing and furniture
    • Help for people with psychiatric & psychological issues
    • Disability Benefits
  • Counseling – Marital, Family or Spousal
  • Play Therapy counseling for children and teens
  • Translation and Interpretation services
  • When available transportation services
  • Prevention workshops in schools and colleges:
    • Educating the youth to be productive and positive members of society.
    • Teaching the Muslim youth their future roles as husbands and wives from an Islamic perspective.
  • Cultural sensitivity training for Law Enforcement & Local Agencies.
  • Workshops for Youth – Promoting peace amongst their peers, to become ambassadors of peace.
  • Training youth to be peer mediators in conflict resolution
  • Referrals to local mosque for mediation
  • Discussing Safety Plan

You can contact Wafa House by calling 1-800-930-WAFA or email


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