USA Today: Pediatricians seek better regulation of toxins

One the one hand, I’m happy to see this taking place, but…it always saddens me when the reason that it’s finally getting attention is because the chemical industry is finally supporting it, which is primarily because it will give weary consumers more confidence to buy their products.  Just a shame that change only every really takes place when the bottom line is at stake.  Money is the primary motivator, not the greater good, or what’s morally right.  I mean really…with all the children suffering from various developmental delays, learning disabilities, and other neuro-developmental issues such as ADHD and autism, you’d think that the hardship and cost of caring and educating them, plus the potential for reduced quality of life for them and their parents, plus the long-term societal implications – would be enough motivation to look further into the effects chemical exposure have on growing children, and even in vitro.


2 thoughts on “USA Today: Pediatricians seek better regulation of toxins

  1. In my humble opinion, the best way to go with children from day one is homeopathy. It is safe, it has no side effects, and it is holistic, therefore you don’t end up having to deal with incessant side effects that show up years later.

    Also, I would recommend for any new parents to try postponing vaccinations as much as possible. I’m not saying don’t vaccinate, but this obsession with vaccinating at birth and filling our children’s bodies with toxins as soon as they arrive is probably the worse thing we can do for their future health, mental as well as physical.

    Obviously there are time where conventional medicines should be used, homeopathy does not replace everything, like surgery for example. But I think we owe it to our children to at least explore this seeing as conventional medicine has been proven to be a source of incessant toxins and side effects, where most of the time, the cons outweigh the pros…just food for though 🙂

  2. After a long search, I actually found a doctor who does integrative pediatrics which is a combination of holistic medicine and traditional medicine and I honestly love it. Although I loved my old pediatrician, she was very traditional and this really suited my approach and outlook much more alhamdu lillah. With my second son, we’ve also chosen to postpone and selectively vaccinate. I’m not anti vaccine. In fact I do think it has it’s place and it’s benefits, BUT I don’t think doctors shoulda adopt a one size fits all approach to anything… Different children have different needs, and react differently to various drugs, vaccines and outside stimuli. And I personally believe there are too many vaccines given too early, but that’s another issue I guess. Why Hep B, a primarily sexually transmitted disease needs to be given to a newborn days old is beyond me. Or the motivation behind why pharmaceutical companies are pushing for Gardisil to be manadatory to 6th grade girls floors me. The conflict of interest resulting from the influenece that pharmaceutical companies have on the medical industry (while they reap the financial benefits) taints their agenda…there is no getting around that. They are businesses with shareholders first and foremost (and for the most part very lucrative). Unfortunately I think it makes it that much harder to make educated decisions because you are always questioning the accuracy and validity of the data you have. What’s safe one day is toxic a few years from now.

    Also, in addition to vaccines, I think chemical industries such as companies who manufacture plastics, the lining of food containers, pesticides, etc. All of these materials, if exposed to certain elements or certain temperatures may release potential toxins, that have a larger impact on children (due to their sheer size) than adults. There are so many environmental factors, I wouldn’t even know where to start. But at the very least, there is SOME progress iA, even if the reason behind it isn’t morally based.


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