“My Great Meat Dilemma”


This was a post written by a good friend of mine on eating meat, and some of the issues that come with it.  I’ve definitely gone through some of the same issues.  While I may not have exactly the same criteria she does, I have tried to seek out halal butchers who are aquainted with the practices on the farms they purchase from (some have their own farms or buy their animals from Amish country), and who get vegetarian fed, hormone/antibiotic free animals. 

It’s out there if you try to find it, and increasing in popularity.  I would recommend for anyone who hasn’t seen it to watch Food, Inc.  The halal meat issue aside (which is another discussion all together), it gives you a whole new view on mass-produced super market meat,  and some of the practices used in that industry.  I think it was what made me rethink some of my purchasing practices – particularly regarding meat.

Happy reading!


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