Please reserve your tickets!   Please email me at hala.amer@gmail.com or use the contact on the flyer.

If you can’t attend PLEASE DONATE! 🙂

If you’d like to donate an item to the silent auction or become a sponsor (and take our a half or full page ad in their booklet), please email me or use the contact on the flyer!

Please help make this event a success iA!!


Wafa House is a support center dedicated to educating and assisting victims of domestic violence and other social issues.

They offer a variety of services **(see list below)  for families, free of charge and completely confidential.

**WAFA House provides the following services, irrespective and indiscriminately of creed, culture or ethnicity:

  • Assistance in Seeking:
    ◦Financial aid for Education
    ◦Housing – Rental Assistance or Shelter
    ◦Legal representation either pro bono or at a reduced rate
    ◦Medical coverage, for those who do not have Health Insurance
    ◦Welfare Benefits
    ◦Emergency Financial Aid
    ◦Emergency food supplies, clothing and furniture
    ◦Help for people with psychiatric & psychological issues
    ◦Disability Benefits
  • Counseling – Marital, Family or Spousal
  • Play Therapy counseling for children and teens
  • Translation and Interpretation services
  • When available transportation services
  • Prevention workshops in schools and colleges:
    ◦Educating the youth to be productive and positive members of society.
    ◦Teaching the Muslim youth their future roles as husbands and wives from an Islamic perspective.
  • Cultural sensitivity training for Law Enforcement & Local Agencies.
  • Workshops for Youth – Promoting peace amongst their peers, to become ambassadors of peace.
  • Training youth to be peer mediators in conflict resolution
  • Referrals to local mosque for mediation
  • Discussing Safety Plan

You can contact Wafa House by calling 1-800-930-WAFA or email info@wafahouse.org.

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