Top 50 Muslim Mom Blogs

Go figure 🙂 I just got an email that I made the list haha.  I didn’t even know I was being considered 🙂

3 thoughts on “Top 50 Muslim Mom Blogs

  1. As-salamu alaykum and Mubarak! While years compiling Muslim mom blogs, and months in the organizing, updating and formatting, being listed in something you should be proud of, mashaAllah.

    InshaAllah, this is the beginning of working together to have our individual and collective voices heard.

    Wa salam.

  2. Salam Ponn! Thank you! I am proud :). This is really just a hobby for me, and alhamdu lillah I’m glad to have people read what I write on occassion 🙂 Would love to work more with you in the future iA 🙂

    Salam 🙂


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