40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old



40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

posted by Matt Stopera 5 days ago

Clarissa is this old


This is what the Pepsi girl looks like today. She’s 19.


The final episode of Teletubbies aired ten years ago.


The top 5 songs 15 years ago



This year’s 18-year-olds were born in 1993


Macaulay Culkin is 30


Kimmy Gibbler today


Surge hasn’t been sold in over 10 years


12 years ago


Elijah Wood is 30. He was 18 when he was cast in The Lord of the Rings.


The Spice Girls’ ages


The Backstreet Boys’ ages


TV Guide from 20 years ago


TV Guide from 15 years ago


TV Guide from 10 years ago


JFK would be 92-years-old this year


Marilyn Monroe would be 86


The Rugrats’ ages today


If the Simpsons actually aged, Bart would be 31 by now.


Kurt Cobain has been dead for 17 years


Aaliyah has been dead for 10 years


The first state quarter came out 11 years ago


Hasn’t been on American TV in 9 years


Have been divorced for 6 years


The cast of Boy Meets World’s ages


Family Guy has been on TV for 12 years



All 3 Hanson brothers are married with kids


Goosebumps books were released between 1992 and 1997. There hasn’t been a new one in 14 years.


Daniel Radcliffe 10 years ago


Napster was launched 11 years ago


Kids these days will have no idea what “rewinding” is


A new episode hasn’t aired in 13 years


The Macarena is 16 years old


Jonathan Lipnicki


The first commercial with the Taco Bell chihuahua aired 14 years ago. The chihuahua has been dead for 2 years.


The little girl from Jurrasic Park is 31





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