Warby Parker Glasses: Buy A Pair, Give a Pair


New Collection

So this site is REALLY cool – and it actually works the way they say it does.  Pick the frames you want to try, they ship it to you (incredibly quickly may I add), you mark off the ones you want in the colors you want, send it back, (all free shipping), just send them your prescription and viola!  A full pair of glasses in a couple of days, COMPLETE, lenses and all, for $95.  And the real plus about this all, for every pair of glasses they sell, they give a pair to someone in need!!  Great way to donate and get a cool pair of frames.  Yes, they aren’t quite as nice as a $300 or $400 pair of Gucci ones, but for the price, they’re pretty damn nice 🙂  But if you just can’t forsake those designer frames, and you need a stylish spare pair and want to contribute to a worthy cause, I highly recommend this site!


2 thoughts on “Warby Parker Glasses: Buy A Pair, Give a Pair

  1. i would like to some updates about your glasses.. i would love to order a pair and some of my co workers.. we seen this on TV

    • Hi, this isn’t my company. It’s a company my husband has ordered from in the past. I would highly recommend it. Just go to the website and place your order!


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