Man and Woman.

Man and Woman.

by Hamza Khan on Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 11:52am
Once upon a history, God created man. He made all the universe bow down to man, but Satan refused and left. Man was bored and very lonely, so God made Woman. She was fun and happy, and beautiful. But when man or woman would be alone, Satan would come and make them sad, confused and angry at each other. Satan could never touch them when they were together, because three’s a crowd, but two’s company.  

Satan would make man forget how to have fun with woman, and then make Man forget that Woman was the first and greatest gift God ever gave him. But woman was kind, and tried to make man feel better about himself. Man was inconsolable sometimes, and frustrated by life and took it out on woman. Woman loved Man so much–she was his first companion, after all, that she let Man take advantage of her. And so over time, out of her love, Woman let Man make up for his own failings and dealings with Satan by giving up her own rights and accepting Man’s poor behavior towards her. And then, when Woman beared Man children, some of them were men too.

And these Men would find other women, but Satan made them forget that Man’s father might be a Man, but Man’s mother was always a Woman, and a Mother always loves her children more since she almost died giving birth to them. But man is flawed, someone said. And so Man instead of saying, “Thank you Mom” or “I love you, Woman,” began to tell God’s gift to him: “make me food,” and “give me love,”. He even made the sign that Woman could still give birth to children a bad thing because Satan was his company when Man was alone. Over time, long after the first man and woman died, today their children still forget that it wasn’t because of Man they were born. It was because of Woman sacraficing herself in love for Man that they are born. 

And now today, Woman feels hurt, insecure, and objected. Woman has to put on make up to make Man look at her. Woman has to dress up to make Man ask her to dinner. Woman has to make Man feel important in order to treated *almost* his equal in the workplace. Today, men and women are no longer the garment we cover each other with. Today, men and women listen to Satan more than ever, and remain angry and hurt by each other.

That was Satan’s plan you see. Because, Woman wasn’t made second because she was less than Man. Woman was made second because when God is running the whole Universe, she’s the only person who can protect Man. After all, what woman doesn’t love her own children? But Man is hardheaded and dumb, and forgot to say to Woman: “thank you” and “I love you” to Mom/Sister/Daughter/Girlfriend/Wife.

Now I’m not trying to start a revolution, or even trying to say anything special here. All I’m saying is that man: don’t turn your back on our women. And women: keep forgiving us, because someday, one day we’re going to change. We love you very much, and thanks for being there for us. 

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