Olympics 2012: FIFA bans headscarves for Iranian women’s soccer team


It’s funny, those against the hijab talk about how limiting and oppressive the scarf is, yet here are a group of female athletes, working towards the Olympics, and hijab wasn’t a deterrent for them.  They play and play well – against their non hijab wearing counterparts.  Rather, it’s the discriminatory bodies that govern that have limited their options, discriminated against them, and oppressed them.  Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Olympics 2012: FIFA bans headscarves for Iranian women’s soccer team

  1. I am so sorry for these young women who have worked so hard. I don’t understand why anyone would be against women being modest (in whatever capacity their country accepts). Women should not be penalized because they choose to be respectful of their bodies or of the authority from their country or religion. Their is no risk in soccer of these women cheating by wearing a headscarf. Really sad.

    • It’s really a shame. It’s one thing if for whatever reason it would be a hazard for them to play with a headscarf (which there is no reason for it to be) and likewise, as you said, if it gave them an unfair advantage. But alas, it’s neither. Unfortunately, it’s blatant discrimination and really sad. I think you don’t necessarily need to agree with hijab or want to do it yourself in order to respect it and respect another’s person’s right to wear it. If the issue is making a political statement against the regime in Iran, I think there should be no place for that in things like the Olympics, etc. It’s supposed to be the one forum, where countries can come and let go of their “issues” and engage peacefully. If anything, I think it could be a positive step in perhaps opening a civilized discussion regarding more serious issues. I think people need to have this outlet, rather than be excluded, etc. I think, on some level it sends a message to certain countries that we don’t want to engage you if you are not like us. It’s a shame…


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