Just a side note before I start but how funny is it that the guy who tweeted pictures of his crotch has the last name “Weiner”. haha ok…back to point 🙂

So my intent isn’t actually to focus on infidelity or politicians.  Infidelity has always existed, it’s just more obvious now with all the technology made available to us, and while I would like to hold our politicians to a higher moral standard, the fact is, it’s none of our business.  I don’t condone infidelity or the myriad of other things politicians may do behind closed doors but I care more about effective policy making.  You wouldn’t ask a CEO to resign because he was caught cheating, and making it so public hurts his family and his children, the victims, more than it hurts him I think.  They don’t deserve to be publicly humiliated for the latter’s transgressions.  

Initially I thought about how it bothers me when there is a certain hypocrisy involved, like someone making an issue of prostitution and then using prostitutes.  But ultimately, anyone in that position would make an issue of prostitution, and he (and she – although I haven’t seen any female politicians in this position to be honest) should be pushing forth policy for the greater social good.   When I thought about it from an Islamic perspective, his sins are his own, between him and God and his family, and they should be kept under wraps with the hope that one day, if he has any faith at all, the guilt and the desire to do good and better his situation will lead him to stop.  He need not do this in a public forum and most politicians who get caught are forced to apologize…because they got caught.  I don’t think it provides any sincerity or healing attributes to their mate.  But again it’s something for him and his family to struggle with privately.

Anyway, here is my real point in writing today.  What is up with men taking pictures of their private parts and sending it to women?!?!  What is this insanity!  Ok this may not be the most appropriate thing to discuss but I just had to say something.  Now, I’m speaking just as a woman and not as a “Muslim” woman, because that brings on so many more issues, but unless you are in a relationship and KNOW your partner likes this, don’t do it!  It does not bring on the same response to send a stranger or a woman you are pursuing, a picture of your nether parts, as it may if a woman sends a nude picture of herself to a man.  It just doesn’t.  It’s not romantic or sensual or impressive.  In fact, it comes off as threatening and aggressive and disgusting.  Sort of conjures images of porn and pedophilia in her head.  And yet, apparently, this has become a widespread practice.  Celebrities and politicians have done it, the average man has done it, and apparently, there are men out there (according to an article I had recently read when discussing “Weinergate” – sorry can’t remember which one), who have used it as their profile picture!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  Do you know nothing about women?  You could probably take a picture of ANY other part of your body (minus feet maybe) and get a better reaction.  I guarantee you, 99% of women would feel the same way.   Men have used sexual intimidation in the past over women and to send something like this to a woman you don’t know or aren’t in a relationship with but are pursuing is reminiscent of that.  I’m sure men enjoy looking at pictures of themselves and comparing (what do they call that – penis envy?) but that admiration does not translate to women. Women don’t really want to see pictures of random private parts.  It will do more harm than good to your chances.  There are a million other ways to get  woman’s attention and turn her on – this isn’t one of them.

So unless you know your partner is into that, don’t do it.   Men who think this is cute or seductive should take a moment to look outside their egos, if they can, and actually consider what a woman would appreciate and enjoy.  Just because you sit their admiring pictures of yourself, doesn’t mean the woman on the receiving end will take it as positively.


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