Day 16 from a blog called “Ramadaning”



HAHAHA…This is the Front-runner for Story of the Year

Farah:  So this guy was telling me yesterday that a couple days ago he was praying taraweeh. He was praying next to this man who had a son who was young and was just kind of playing in front of them. Anyways, the guy praying in front of them was wearing a thobe (man dress) and had a little bit of a thobe wedgie. So the little boy just kind of stared at it for awhile, and then proceeded to pull it out!!!   Of course the father sees him doing this, and gets mad at him by kind of nudging him and wagging his finger at him….so THEN, the kid, feeling bad or scared, or whatever, (with a sort of slicing motion of the hand) starts trying to put the wedgie back in place!!


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