So I’ve Finally Done It…

Yes, ladies and gentleman…I’ve finally done it.  After years of resisting and being made fun of, I’ve finally gotten a smart phone.  An iPhone to be precise.  The battery on my last phone was dying.  I tried to resuscitate it multiple times, but there is only so much a person can do.  I had to let it go….

I really tried hard not to give in to the smart phone craze.  I’m the person little teeny boppers make fun of because they’ve never even seen my kind of phone before :).  I remember going into Verizon once years back to upgrade my old Motorola Startac (remember that phone? it was awesome…it just wouldn’t die and had the best battery life ), to get the software upgraded so I could get and send text messages (it was one of the earlier versions that didn’t even have that capability and it was about 2 years after text messaging became popular).  The tech laughed at me, but readily admitted it was a workhorse of a phone :). 

Anyway, I really think I was the only one left of all the people I know that didn’t own one.  We have multiple computers at home.  I have an iPad, an itouch…it just seemed wrong.   I don’t currently work, so…how connected do I really need to be?   But Verizon gave me no choice.  I think they are secretly conspiring to give people such horribly lame options in the non smart phone category, that it almost seems more reasonable to get a smart phone.  I asked for 3 things – a good battery, a QWERTY keyboard/keypad, and the ability to get the VZ navigator (which is about $10 a month and better than any navigation system I’ve had in the past).  That’s all.  The 2 or 3 phones that happen to have my much sought after features had horrible reviews (and 2 of them weren’t even for free!).  Add it all up, and even with the $30 data package that I was avoiding for all this time, I’m really only paying a little more than I was before.

So I’m finally up to date with the rest of the world…  But I’ll miss my vintage phones.  At the very least – I kind of liked not being totally connected…

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