40 Under 40 – Inspirational Muslims under 40!


How cool is this! Someone  nominated me.  🙂  Even though I’m completely undeserving to be on a list with some of the other nominees, I think it’s worth checking out and voting for your favorites.  (You don’t have to vote for me, I promise I won’t be mad) 🙂  But there are some really inspirational people listed on there mA.  Yasmin Mogahed from Suhaibwebb.com, Suzy Ismail,  Dr. Islam Elfayoumi, Usama Cannon, and Khalid Latif to name a few.

May Allah increase them in their good works iA, and have them continue to inspire others, as they have inspired me.  And  I just wanted to give a shout-out (do people still do that anymore??? haha I’m so old :)) to all the amazing inspiring Muslims out there who tirelessly (and often times thanklessly) work towards bettering their communities, raising their children, and putting forth the true image of Islam iA.




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