Pretty Good Day

So, I thought today would really suck. I mean reeeeeeeeeeally suck.  We went to get Suf’s passport done yesterday, only to realize I forgot his social security card (and didn’t have the number memorized).  So…we went back home to get it, and I realize – I can’t find it.  We got it during the move, and even though I’m generally a stickler with these things, I managed to misplace it.  So today, I had to go back to the post office – get his birth certificate from his passport application, go to social security, and file for a replacement card.

So I get to the Post Office…and I’m 30 minutes early.  They don’t open till 10 – I thought they open at 9.  Super.  10 rolls around – doors are still locked.  No one opens the doors till about 10:15/10:20.  This is the point where I was like, “Oh great, it’s going to be one of those days!”.  But I was fortunate enough to find that there was a new lady behind the counter, who was super nice.  The gentleman who helped us yesterday was nice…but really did every little thing by the book.  Super Stickler :).  But this lady seemed so pleasant alhamdu lillah.  No giving me a hassle about losing an important document, didn’t make me re-do the whole passport application, etc.  I was expecting the worst, but I was pleasantly surprised.

So I run off to the Social Security Office…only for them to tell me, his birth certificate and his insurance card aren’t enough proof of identity.  I’m like he’s 5 months, he isn’t going to have a license, and I’m doing all this to GET a passport!  So basically they say, get a letter from your doctor with his name, DOB, and that he’s under this doctors care.   His doctor is over half hour away from the Social Security Office.  Great.  So I call the doctor, and the super nice nurse was like, no problem, I’ll do it for you right now.  Yay!

So at that point, I go home for a break.  Suf is hungry/tired, as am I, and it’s lunchtime at social security, which the guard warned me is the worst time of the day to be there.  So 12:30 hits and I make my way out again.  I get there, and it’s not too bad alhamdu lillah.  Suf is surprisingly great and cute and funny and I honestly feel so blessed at that very moment because I was dreading crying and screaming and fussing at the worst possible time.   I get a nice older gentleman to help me with the whole filing issue.  Little slow…little too talkative, but very very nice.  Kept telling me I have a nice smile on all my ID’s.   And showed me his arabic language phrasebook, along with his chinese (forget which dialect) phrasebook in his bag.  Apparently – we were friends and I need to know all his hobbies :).   He asked me about Egypt and Tahrir, and had a field day playing with Suf.  So at this point, it’s about 3 PM.  I’ve been running around since 9 AM with a short break at home in between.  Make my way back to the postoffice that does passports and the line is huuuuuuuuuuuuge.  So I’m standing for 5 minutes, and then the lady behind the counter recognizes me, and she’s like hey, you came in earlier – you just need to trop off the birth certificate and social right? I was like yes, and she’s like, no sense in you waiting, it’s going to take 2 seconds, and she took me right away. 🙂  Alhamdu lillah.

Anyway I ran a few errands after that since suf finally fell asleep. 

I guess because I had so much to do today, I just assumed it would all be hard and awful, and was really just bracing myself for the worst.  No lie, it was long, but it was surprisingly better than I could ever have imagined alhamdu lillah.  And I have a new-found love for my Sufian.  mA he was so good, and smily and playing with him while I waited was just so nice.  I don’t really get much alone time with him.  In fact, outside of taking him to the doctor, I don’t think I ever go out with him alone.  It’s always him and Jibs, or all the boys.  So in a weird way, I got to have some quality time, and he was thankfully very cooperative, so it ended up being really nice and made the time go by much quicker.

So alhamdu lillah for a good day.  I guess sometimes even while navigating through generally rocky waters, sometimes you get lucky (bi barakat illah) and the path is easy.

Anyway I just needed to share.  I guess, we can find some good in almost anything, even trips to government offices :).


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