“Chicken Litter” in Cow Feed?

To Read article: http://www.npr.org/2012/06/07/154504565/assessing-consumer-concerns-about-the-meat-industry

This is beyond disgusting!  How many problems need to arise and how many people need to fall ill before the FDA bans animal byproducts in feed for animals that are supposed to be vegetarian!! I’m amazed (and appalled) by how many things like this take place without most consumers even knowing.  A few weeks back I read an article about “meat glue”, used to piece together meats to give the look of a succulent steak.  Meat glue?   Besides the fact that it’s disgusting  – it’s also dishonest!  Why pay prime rates for what you assume are top cuts of meat, when they’re actually leftover pieces strategically pieced together.


One more reason to go organic, vegetarian-fed, kosher or halal.


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