Riding the Homeschooling Rollercoaster

So, I started homeschooling this past fall.  People are constantly asking me, “WHY?”  (and on our crazier days, sometimes I ask myself the same thing):).  Lucky for me, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explain why in an article for a site dedicated to mothers – Grow Mama Grow.


So, now you know :). And now you know why I’ve been a bit behind in my post.  More on that soon.



CNN Money: A Harvard MBA’s Radical Quest to Erase His Debt

Amazing and inspiring!  It’s sad that a quality education costs so much, and even sadder that the interest rates are crippling.  But our culture has a lot to do with the debt we are willing to allow ourselves.  This guy really has his head on straight!  Kudos to him!


Link to article:  http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2012/05/16/student-debt-business-school/?iid=HP_LN

B-school grad Joe Mihalic went on an extreme financial diet to pay down over $90,000 in debt in just seven months and charted his story through an anonymous blogging project.

Funny Blog: The Middlest Sister by Nicole Belanger Smeltzer

This is amazing!! It’s a weekly webcomic where the writer illustrates her comic from cut out scraps of paper.  I can’t even imagine how much time goes into this!

 http://themiddlestsister.com/   The Middlest Sister by Nicole Belanger Smeltzer

Just to give you an example here is one of the entries from the entry “House Rul No. 1,” posted on December 5th, 2011 – http://themiddlestsister.com/2011/12/05/house-rule-no-1/.  Literally there are multiple illustrations in each entry and each one is this detailed!  Great job!  One more blog worth following. 


Blog on Islamic Art – Stars in Symmetry

So those of you who know me may (or may not) know that I’m a big fan of Islamic Art, Calligraphy and Architecture (amongst other things :)).  I’m admittedly pretty ignorant on the subject, but I find it so aesthetically pleasing, and welcome any and every opportunity to gawk in awe and amazement :).  In any case, while I was just googling some information on geometric patterns in Islamic art, I came across this blog:


It’s chock full of pretty pictures 🙂 and might teach me a thing or 2 in the meantime.  It’s just a really nice homage to the subject that I thought I would share with fellow Islamic Art lovers.

Enjoy :).

P.S.  These pictures aren’t necessarily from the blog.  I’ve only read a few entries, but these are just a few of the pictures in my “collection” of ones I’ve loved as I’ve browsed over the years.