I make a mexican lasagna but this looks like a bit different. Can’t wait to try!

Lea & Jay


Lasagna! With all of those meaty, saucy, cheesy layers, it’s just comfort food perfection! But sometimes you might be in the mood for something a wee bit spicier than good old Italian sausage can provide. Maybe you’ve got a hankering for a dish with a bit more south-of-the-border vibe? Well, look no further! You can get it all here when this classic Italian style dish gets a Mexican twist.


In this delicious layered casserole, the usual lasagna noodles are replaced with flour tortillas, the ground beef is spiced up, and some black beans, corn, green chilis, cilantro and jalapeños join the party, or should I say fiesta.


Not only does this crowd pleaser taste delicious with all of its spicy, zesty cheesy goodness, but it comes together in no time flat! I’m talking like 15-20 minutes of prep, followed by 15 minutes of baking time. Amazing! Convenient and Easy! Your…

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Written by a dear friend. Always full of depth and wisdom this one ;).

The Seasoned American

I used to be a Pack Rat. That’s basically someone who doesn’t like to throw anything away.  That was up until I married my husband, the OCD guy, and consequently had to throw away many things in order to “compromise” for the sake of our marriage.

So what was my compromise?  Well, I finally threw away all of my old receipts from the five years prior, while he was forced to ignore the 53.5 pairs of old shoes stored away in my closet.  Total compromise. No woman should ever have to part with her shoes.

But up until I had to move and squeeze my most valuable possessions into six suitcases, I really didn’t realize how much I actually had!

You know that question people ask: “If you could only save three things in a fire what would they be”?  Well, I actually had to do that!

Not the fire…

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Riding the Homeschooling Rollercoaster

So, I started homeschooling this past fall.  People are constantly asking me, “WHY?”  (and on our crazier days, sometimes I ask myself the same thing):).  Lucky for me, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to explain why in an article for a site dedicated to mothers – Grow Mama Grow.


So, now you know :). And now you know why I’ve been a bit behind in my post.  More on that soon.


So Easy Even I Can Do it :)

So…pants tend not to fit me right.  Loose at the waist, and tighter elsewhere 🙂

Found this solution that I think is a great alternative to all the different things I have tried (and I have tried MANY).  I’ve used belts which leave a belt bulge that I detest.  I’ve spent $30-$40 dollars tailoring the waist in a couple of pants/jeans.  Once they are professionally adjusted, if you even so much of think of gaining 5 lbs (not that anyone ever wishes that :)) you are basically out a pair of pants until you are fortunate enough to lose the weight again.  I’ve (sadly) tried “As Seen on TV” solutions to no avail.

If you wear shirts that cover your waistline, this is a great solution (and I think most people over the age of 25 do that sort of thing).  If it seems a little grannyish to you – it probably is.  But it’s still a great (cheap!) idea :).  And if you don’t like it for some reason, you can take out the elastic and the Fray Check will preserve the little cuts you made, or you can simply re-sew them as they are on the inside and can’t be seen.

Btw, I have pretty basic sewing skills, so if I can do this, really…almost anyone can.

How to Adjust the Waist Of your Pants/Jeans in 4-Easy Steps 🙂