STOP!…(Fill in the Blank :))

I think I’ve just been a little nostalgic lately.  Things like this make my day!  Went to a BBQ a few weeks ago, and the DJ played all the hits from my when I was growing up, and it was just….soooo good.   He even busted out a little Rob Base and Kris Kross!  Good times.

Makes me a little sad how when we’re young, we’re in such a rush to grow up.  Once you grow up, you realize how great it was being young, but by then it’s too late – so you just grasp at whatever fragments of the past that come your way.

Anyway, this totally reminded me of all the good times of days past. 🙂  I think I’ve actually used all these at different points in time :).  But I think “collaborate and listen” is my favorite :).  How cool did we all think Vanilla Ice was…until he wasn’t 🙂 and then we wouldn’t be caught dead listening to him until we were old enough not to care whether others thought it was uncool. 🙂  You have to admit, sell out or not, his music was catchy. 😀

Have a lovely day folks :).