Maalik and the Case of the Missing Sandwich

Normally I don’t write about my kids this much but they’ve just been pretty funny lately 🙂

So anyway, I go to drop off Maalik from school, and the teachers ask me, with a smirk, did Maalik tell you what happened yesterday.

No, of course he didn’t :)

So, the proceed to tell me that he was eating lunch with a cute little girl, and as she got up to get a cup of water, she came back to find her sandwich was all gone.

He ate it…

Me:  “Maalik, why would you do that habeebi?”

Maalik: “I was hungry.”

Me: “But I gave you a big lunch.”

Maalik: “But I like tuna!”

So we proceed to explain to him why he can’t do that, and to ask the teachers if he’s still hungry or doesn’t like his lunch, etc. 

So then the teachers were like, “We tried to get him to share his lunch, but he was like, no…that’s mine” hehe.  So finally he offered the little girl a banana he had, and she refused it, so he’s like, “I tried, she didn’t want it.”

So the next day, we prepare a special snack with lots of goodies for the little girl, and we draw a big smiley face on the bag and write, “Sorry, from Maalik.”

In the morning, as I drop him off, I have him give it to her.  RIGHT after he gives it to her and apologizes, he literally turns around, and says, “Mama, I’m SO hungry!”  I’m like, “Whatever you do, don’t touch her food!” :D

Oh Maalik….

So we get to school, and as we’re walking in, Maalik’s Vice Principal is standing out side and greets us.  She says, ” Salam 3alaikum Maalik”.

My son doesn’t respond.  So…me being embarassed, I tell him to say salam, and then turn to her and apologize and say “Sorry my son is shy.”

At which point he says (in a loud voice of course) , “No I’m not!  I’m not shy at all!”…ugh…hehe

Not shy…but rude maybe…we’re working on it 🙂